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The Best Basque Cheesecake

Just five ingredients and a hot oven help create one of the latest dessert trends that breaks all the rules.

When I first heard about Basque Cheesecake, I was somewhat confused. Here we have a dessert that you intentionally burn. Alrighty-then. The more I read about it, the more it made sense. I mean, why not? I love using burnt butter – like in my White Chocolate & Honeycomb Cookies, and one of the my favourite cakes I made used burnt butter in the icing (Creme Brûlée cake, coming soon!), and so I guess it makes sense. With this cheesecake, it creates a super toasty crust that barricades the creaminess and when the contrast is as good as that, it’s hard not to fall in love.


Serves: 10

870g cream cheese
500ml double cream
300g caster sugar
6 eggs
50g plain flour
2 tsp vanilla bean paste (optional)


Grease and line a 10″ springform tin with parchment paper – have it rise at least 2″ above the top of the cake tin. Don’t worry about it being neat and tidy, just ensure it covers the entire tin.​

In a stand mixer, or a bowl with an electric mixer, beat the cream cheese and sugar together for a few minutes until fully combined. Add the eggs – one at a time, continuously beating as you go. Once all the eggs are fully combined – and you may have to scrape down the bowl a couple of times, add the cream and vanilla, if using, and beat on low for just a minute. Then beat in the flour for 30 seconds until fully combined. 

Basque Cheesecake - Recipe - Food Blog

​Pour the mixture into the tin and bake. Check after an hour – if it looks dark enough, remove the from the oven and leave to cool. If it needs a little more, you can leave it in for another 10 minutes. The cheesecake will have risen quite dramatically and there should be a wobble if you give it a gentle shake. ​

Leave to cool completely before serving. The cheesecake will collapse and crack, which is what you want and part of it’s charm. Serve cold as is or with a dressing of your choice. This is good to be kept in the fridge overnight if you wanted to make it the night before. 

About Basque Cheesecake

Basque Cheesecake is gaining in popularity. Here’s why.

One of the crazes of the year has to be Basque Cheesecake. Not only does it sound too easy to be true, but it also sounds like an actual accident. Basque Cheesecake, in summary, is a burnt, crust-less Cheesecake. Yes, you read that right: you’re supposed to burn it. On purpose.

The cooking process is simple: you bake on high, for over an hour. In doing so, you essentially scorch the top and sides of the cheesecake, creating a burnt finish. In doing this, you do away with the need for a crust because the texture you get from the burnt edges simulates it.

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