Shoestring Fries - Recipe - Food Blog

Shoestring Fries

You don’t eat these for your potato intake. You eat them for the absolutely crunchy, salty morishness.

Look, I get it: potatoes are King, and the cornerstone of most great meals. You have the entry-level, everyman potato dish of fries all the way through to the most luxurious potato dauphinois. These Shoestring Fries are not difficult nor fancy, they’re not rich or expensive. They’re cheap, they’re low-rent and they’re all the better for it. You need a salty ‘eat me by the handful in front of a movie’ kind of dish? You got it.


Serves: 2

3 large potatoes, washed.
vegetable oil


In a medium pan, heat up the oil. You want approx 3 inches of oil in the pan, and you’ll want to get it up to a temperature of 170°C/340°F.

Meanwhile, using the julienne setting on a mandolin, slice up the potatoes. Soak in water to remove the starch, drain and dry completely using paper towels. It’s super important the potatoes are very dry to prevent the oil from splashing. ​

Heat in 3 batches for approx 4 minutes or until nicely brown. Using a slotted spoon, remove from the oil onto paper towels and sprinkle generously with salt. 

Shoestring Fries - Recipe - Food Blog

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